Thursday, January 1, 2009

Did you dare even think the words.... according to plan?

I was packed. It was 8:57 PST and 3 minutes till the new year on the east coast and the car was packed except for my stained glass window. My bag for the next 4 days was in the room with the computer bag. My new cell battery was in, the camera was charging... I was sitting with mom on the couch trying to find a channel playing NYE stuff. Seriously- me? The eternal packing at 2am person to catch a 6am flight? I dared to think the words wow- this is going according to plan.

Then I went to get something from the garage and when I went to close it... well it wasn't closing. Turns out the disengage thing for the garage door had hooked on my bike handlebars on top of my car. Turned off the garage door opener, went to move the car, and as I'm backing out of the garage I hear a crunch... my car cleared on the way in- I mean no problem cleared it.  Moved the car forward and felt that spinning feeling... that spinning of oh how bad is it? Are my bikes damaged? the bike rack? and even more important... the garage door?

The bike rack on my city bike dented the garage door. Then starts the game... OK let's get the bike rack off... why is it sticking out so much (oh cause it was nearly ripped off the bike)... why won't it come off? Did you know when I was packing I found the directions to this particular bike rack (and I remember thinking... wow that's easy to remove... funny those directions are somewhere packed with all my bike things and figuring out that easy trick seemed harder now). So take the bike off, realize the secret to removing the rack is leverage, repack a little, move the car, on second try garage door works and still seems weatherproof though a bit dented. Deep breaths as I'm doing this lovely show for my poor mom (whose garage door I dented) while trying to maintain my composure and appologize. 

Now see... this is more like moving :-P

Stained glass is mostly packed. It's nearly midnight and that new year is looking mighty promising as long as I remember not to plan.

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