Saturday, January 17, 2009

According to someone else's plan....

I'm in DC enjoying adorable little babies. So while I made it to this lovely city... well my bag didn't.  So here's the story since I really was prepared and thought this out but the best laid plans....

So I packed my bag so that I could carry my bag on. I was thinking that I don't want to chance them loosing my bag on the way to DC since I packed  all my cold weather gear that I love. So my connecting flight to Dulles was um a little small of a plane. So they were doing the whole planeside checkin thing.  Which as a concept wouldn't be that bad of a thing except for the plane was oversold. Now please note the plane was filled with high schoolers a few couples and about 3 United employees. So they were asking for one volunteer. I didn't... and I waited and then they announced that they were going to randomly select someone if no one volunteered. And I looked at a couple of those wide eyed high schoolers, felt bad, and volunteered. So while I got a free ticket out of it they didn't give me my bag back... they said it would be waiting at Dulles for me.

Nice flight to DC sat next to a cool guy from South Beach FL who was flying in for the inauguration and we chatted a good bit. Got to DC all prepared with my transportation plan... and my bag wasn't there. Not only is it not at Dulles- well no one knows where it is. So I've got one light fleece and my wimpier gloves and it's a good thing I'm staying with my sister so now I'm borrowing things. Seriously... my week wasn't crazy enough?

Tomorrow I'm hoping to wander DC a little bit and I'm not planning anything b/c plans get waylaid.  If my things don't show up I'm guessing there will be a Target/REI run inserted into this vist ;-) Oh well could be worse- the girl in front of me at the luggage claim line had her dress for one of the balls misplaced. If I end up buying more cold weather gear at least I can now use it in my normal life, right?

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