Saturday, January 3, 2009

We define slow moving vehicle... and so we live in the right lane

We made it successfully down the hill to Denver today.  After a great morning getting a tour of Vail and Beaver Creek from Mark and Erin we headed out of Vail with it snowing and the roads relatively clear.  Heading onto the freeway on unplowed roads with a few inches of snow I learned a little bit about how my Subaru handles and what anti-lock brakes feel like... just to test it. Everything worked flawlessly except the speed. Note to those looking at Subarus... yes, the extra oomph in the engine is worth it.  My little legacy complained a bit up over Vail pass at over 10,000 ft and then over Loveland pass and a few other times too. We hung out maxed out at 45mph and it felt like the OLP Texas St challenge of trying to make it up to the speed limit. The roads cleared of snow entirely after Loveland Pass and since it was getting towards 3pm we joined the ski traffic of all the resorts headed back to the city.  It really was just a bit over 2 hours so not bad at all. 

Got to the rental duplex and tried to work the lock box that I think origionally came with the place back in 1910- no luck with the code but luckily my neighbor helped me obtain the key from the landlord via a cellphone and spare key adventure. The bikes are mostly put together again and living in thier new home known as the garage. The plant is alive and happily awaiting his new kitchen home in the window and all the boxes and bags are in from the car. 

Mom got in touch with my Dad's cousin Bette Ann and met her for dinner at a local diner. There was some string of exchanging phone numbers and calls by the parental age group to make that happen so thanks to all.  Mom and Bette Ann compared notes and mapped out thier kids as well as described thier respecive towns.  It was fun to meet/catch up with family that I haven't seen in about 14 years and tomorrow we're meeting even more of the extended family that lives out around Denver (the Cavenaugh side of the house I believe) for coffee. 

Tonight we hung out with the Goodmans and are crashing here for the night since we came down a little earlier than planned. Tomorrow I'm going to give Mom a tour of Denver and we'll settle down in the hotel for a couple of nights. 

I'm tired, a bit sore, happy, and very excited.  Monday I'm going to try and narrow down the window of when my stuff is coming so that I can come up with a game plan so that it can be changed by things beyond my control. Tonight it's snowing and Lakewood/Denver looks pretty.

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