Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hanging out at the bar....

Really I walked around a mile tonight trying to find a place with wireless and food- only found one coffee shop with wireless and no food nearby so I'm hanging at a restaurant bar eating a salad and finally finding some wireless. Work is entertaining and most of the day  has been getting the back story on the project I'm working on and getting all the forms/permissions/training done.

Yesterday was a very strange day- dropped Mom off at the airport (she made is safely home), went to work, met my landlord, did a walk through of the place, dropped by Devon's to pick up my pink folding chair, and then tried the coffee shop down the block- great tea but no wireless. Slept in my new place for the first time but I'm camping out with a sleeping bag on a pad and a camping chair in the back bedroom. 

Today was work (I can't wait for my furniture this weekend) and normal stuff till I got home. So my landlord told me he was getting the locks changed this week due to the last tenants being less than favorites. So I got home today after going to Safeway and thought- well I guess he's doing that tomorrow till I put the key in the door... and it didn't work. Um... there weren't notes on either door so I called my landlord and he said- the keys are in the kitchen next to the sink. Yeah... I couldn't get to the keys cause the door was locked. Luckily the spare key/neighbor/landlord's place dance worked again and I got my new keys. 

I do have to say though I have a great landlord- he's fixing all the little things I pointed out, calls me back, and showed me all the odd little quirks of the place. Well I have a few more things to check out while I have an internet connection so I'll check in again later. Take care all...

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