Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We followed the line and it ends in a circle...

This  was in terms of activity close to if not THE craziest day of my life. This will be short b/c I need pack for my travels tomorrow but I wanted to let you know a little about the day...

We started out prior to 0600 getting geared up and headed down to Roslyn, VA where we parked the cars and got on the bikes. We biked from the VA side over the bridge and through Georgetown all the way to the other side of the capitol... bobbing and weaving through people and unpredictable traffic. People everywhere...

We walked from a friend's place where we stored the bikes and backpacks to where there were supposed to be entrance lines- as in A line PER color... The 
chaos in the ticketed section was unreal. There were multiple lines per color weaving around, the signage was seriously lacking and sometimes downright wrong, people clogging the streets, and the officers while well intended I think they were giving wrong direction or at least repeatedly poor directions.  We ran/walked for hours (no kidding) and ended up at the end of the line for the silver section which was... circling around the block  (I'm not kidding). The line had no end, seriously.

You think that was bad? The guys didn't even get INTO the purple section. The guards closed the gate on hundreds to over a thousand ticket holders who had all been there prior to the gate opening.  The guys were less than 20 feet away from the entrance when this happened. Luckily they were kind enough to wait for us b/c we would have had a really rough time making it back without them- they rode lead and tail and watched out for us non-city riding folks. 

Other highlights- losing my cell phone, getting trapped near a chain link fence for awhile, escaping the chain link fences, hopping barriers for safety, the dissolving of the silver section, being within a quarter of a mile from the inauguration (you CAN identify Obama  in one of our
 pictures- based on clothes/shapes of course), crowds crowds crowds, and the absolutely can this day get any crazier moment... sliding accross the reflection pond on the ice! 

I will try and post pictures and actual stories over the next few/couple of days but my system is crashing due to overload so I might be simply curled up for a bit.

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