Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ah... the weekend

Tomorrow, tomorrow... I get my furniture tomorrow.  It will be a little less than the normal easy b/c apparently they do not allow big trucks on my street- but why would it be easy? So we'll see how it gets handled.  

At the moment I am sitting in the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park looking up at the mountains of the Rocky Mountain National Park.  I didn't get a real early start today so I figured I'd take a drive, check the area/route out and gather maps and such so next time I'll actually go to the park. In the meantime I've been walking all over this gorgeous hotel with stunning views. 

Last night I had dinner with one of my friends and then when I realized I wasn't tired enough to crash I headed down the block to the local bar- apparently a Denver institution according to folks I met. I ended up hanging out till closing (thus the late start) and met a few people and  exchanged a couple of phone numbers. Denver is an amazingly friendly town. 

Well it's getting to late afternoon and I want to get down through the foothills in the light of day so I should be off.  I'm definitely coming back to Estes Park in the next couple of months- maybe a good snowshoeing expedition ;-)

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