Tuesday, August 17, 2010

oh wow...

I've been thinking- I've next to abandoned this blog this summer... then I just looked at it and realized the summer is almost over and I haven't posted since spring. I'm adjusting to a new type of life that I've never really experienced. I go to the same office every day and I haven't gotten on a plane in months. I have a garden... a real honest to goodness garden that I can pull tomatoes and basil and squash out of the garden to make dinner. I have traded my digital life for a life of experiences. I have gone on hikes without a single camera or cell phone to record the trip... just moments of memories.

I'm trying to figure out how to reconnect with the friends I finally found when I moved here. Though it's a bit hard to connect and at times I feel abandoned I also realize I just have more time to notice the alone time now that I'm not bouncing around the country from plane to hotel to the next random location. I'm starting to settle in and cook dinner and my daily conversation starts with what I pull from the garden to eat instead of what random restaurant I found in what random town. I go to farmer's markets on the weekend and traipse through the mountains. I've even taken to solo hiking on the days where those in my life are too busy to head out. The experience of hiking for hours and hours through the wilderness on my own (with safety contingencies in place) and seeing only 5 people in over 4 hours was refreshing. So between the becoming domesticated/nesting and adjusting to a new job it's been a crazy summer. The other night I was told I looked content- and if that means that my facebook is updated less, or my blog gets regularly ignored, or my emails have gotten more intermittent and shorter... well I guess for now I'll take that tradeoff as I figure out how to be digitally engaged and still revel in the times to simply experience.