Thursday, January 29, 2009


So I've found my new entertainment... I'm taking winter lectures at REI.  So most of you know I'm not the best at walking into large groups where I don't know anyone but I've been exploring Denver all week checking out group activities.  So far I've learned about avalanche beacons and snowshoes. It's been quite informative and a lovely way  to spend an hour or two.  It's fun to meet people with similar interests- and hey I'm going hiking or snowshoeing on Sunday with a gal I met so now it's good to be getting outdoors again.

So I've started an internal debate- I have come to the conclusion that the government is for me but then comes the question... what level of the organizational structure is the most fun at this particular moment in my life? So there is the field level... the benefits of a field office are getting to actually touch the ground, do some real analysis, providing support to field personnel, and the occasional field work.  Then there is the regional office- with exposure to the field occasionally but at the same time you are rolling things up to a regional level, providing support to technical users, and representing the oraganization at higher  levels. Then there's the national level- you get to consolidate efforts at the  regional level but you are a bit more removed from the field. Now there are really cool projects you can participate in that have wide spread effects at the national level too.  

So there's benefit to each level and fun to be had... but it's interesting to try and think- if given the choice of any what would I do and why?  At this point in my life is is better to be exposed to things on the ground or the regional projects... do you get pigeon holed as a techie more at a higher or lower level of the organization? There is always the ability to work in neat side interests and there is opportunity at each moment but which opportunities would fit better in the long run? I have a job and I'm good with where I am... but I am looking at things in a career sense again and it's fun to explore the thoughts

Hmmm.... things to think about- field, regional, national... what are the various skill sets and what makes the wheels spin in my mind and where can I make the most difference? 

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