Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wandering DC....

Hanging out in DC today has been very entertaining... I picked up my tickets for the inauguration- Silver!!! Yay... now we've got the figuring out of  the traveling to- let me tell you it won't be Metro after seeing the Metro lines today after the concert. Speaking of which I saw some of the rehearsal stuff as I wandered around the capitol building. I also decided at the last minute to check out the concert at the Lincoln center. Awesome vibe and time and a very happy crowd. I made it through the crowd to almost the WWII memorial. Very cool to hear Obama and Bono and the whole celeb crowd. Nothing like walking the streets with a hundred thousand or more of random people... 

Very cool day and I'm hoping to get my luggage tomorrow. Seriously, I miss  my luggage. Luckily I have a very awesome sister who has allowed me to borrow her hat, scarf, gloves, jacket, etc. etc... so I was nice and bundled up while hiking the National Mall.  Oh and once I finally decided to head out of DC I went to take the Metro and found a station with about 1,000 other people (I heard later it was closed due to too many people) so I ended up heading back from whence I came and walked across the bridge- nothing like walking across a freeway at night to try and find a place to get picked up- the nice local police (by the way the law enforcement has been awesome to ask questions and very friendly) recommended the Iwo Jima memorial... So I walked down the freeway off ramp and crossed the highway and met my sister on the Virginia side.

Tomorrow will be more laid back and then Tuesday will be all sorts of crazy fun again!!! The vibe in the city is great and this was SOOOOOO worth coming!

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