Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Monday!!!!

So I woke up on my lovely new airmattress. Yes big sister, it does make the world a happier place. Since my stuff will arrive on someday later than today or tomorrow it is making life more comfy till the magical day I actually get my stuff. I'm all for camping but after 5 nights I realized I'm not 18 anymore and comfort makes for a happier morning.

I looked out the window as I was getting out and saw the beautiful sight of... about 3 inches of snow. Oh goodness... snow. I mean I live in Denver and all, but did it really have to go from the lovely 50 degress of yesterday to a snowy morning where it took me 15 minutes to clear my car? Oh and as I was clearing my car I watch 2 cars sliding arround stuggling to get up the hill in front of my house- now that's confidence building. Luckily my darling little station wagon (a Subaru what else?) performed lovely and got me safely to work... verrrrry slowwwwly and hanging out in the right lane of course. Let's hear it for the reverse commute and the more open streets! When I got to work a few people were dilligently checking my cubicle and calling me to make sure the CA girl made it in and I was very proud to say I didn't even slide into a single intersection on my way in- whew!

As soon as I finish my forms I am heading out to go home... clear off the car and enjoy crawling along the pretty white roads. It really is gorgeous even if it's intimidating right now- I do lovve that All Wheel Drive though :-)

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