Thursday, January 8, 2009


OK maybe traveling, ending old job, loading up stuff with movers, driving cross 4 states, visiting with relatives, starting new job and immediately trying to piece together the political background on the project I'm working on (the equivelant of a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle) and waiting for my new stuff while living in my new place with a folding chair and sleeping bag is a little much for a 2 week timeframe... OK well so far I've done all that in around 10 days so I think I hit the need a breather moment. Yes, yes there are those of you out there thinking- I told you so. But c'mon is the timing ever easy or right?

I'm looking for a moment of normal- a familiar couch to curl up on or my artwork on the wallls.  I finally found a spot in my house where I can find the wireless  so at least I have a connection to the outside now.  I'm hoping my stuff comes Saturday now since I didn't hear from them today. It's all going to work out wonderfully... it's just been the feeling of limbo for a bit now and I'm so close to being settled in a bit and I can almost feel it but it's just out of reach at the moment so it's been a long day.  Deep breath, drink some OJ (still looking for a good grocery store for fresh veggies and fruit), go to sleep and maybe by the end of the weekend I'll have my stuff. 

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