Saturday, January 17, 2009

Furniture and boxes

Well I got most of my stuff... the legs are missing from my dining room table, a box of art books (mostly given to me by my Dad) are missing, a few other things dissapeared and a couple of things got broken. BUT...  If you think about it my stuff was moved 5! times so it's not surprising.  All I am thinking about is that I have furniture and once  I get back from DC and start unpacking I'll be all settled in. 

The movers were awesome- not as impressed with the company in general .  Once it started getting to the end of the day yesterday I was just so worn out. I caught the Goodman's basketball game at Good Sheppard (Jr High basketball games are very interesting) and hung out with them for dinner. When I got home I couldn't keep my eyes open so I was in bed by 8pm... yeah, not normal. 

I'm sitting in DIA waiting for my flight to La Guardia and then DC. I didn't get much sleep so I'm hoping to crash out on the plane. I got here insanely early for my flight so I'm just enjoying the wi-fi. I'm trying to figure out how to get closer to where Alex and Marty and the boys live so they don't have to drive out to Dulles.

Yay inauguration adventures!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Victoria,

    Congrats on your stuff.
    Whew! You got most of it.
    Now leave those boxes behind,
    don't you give a ...darn.

    For eastward you're bound,
    to the heart of the nation.
    To witness firsthand,
    Barak's inauguration.

    That morning will be cold,
    the crowds, oh soooooo many.
    The cost of the trip,
    worth every penny.

    Myself, I'll watch on the TV,
    as our man is sworn in.
    I'm anxious to see,
    his administration begin.