Thursday, January 22, 2009

Running on fumes...

I was told my last blog sounded a bit inebriated. Nope... just exausted ;-) 
I meant to just update pictures and sort files and blog tonight but instead after leaving work a little late I stopped for dinner and upon coming home started looking for something amidst the boxes. Well about 4 hours later I've unpacked/sorted about half of my belongings and other than the lack of artwork on the walls this place is starting to look like home. The kitchen is entirely unpacked and the artwork is spread across the floor so I can decide what goes where. I still have the office and bedroom but the storage downstairs is sorted and I have the things I want to bring to my office for tomorrow so it can stop being a blank slate and start looking like me.

If I can get the bedroom and office done this weekend I will be a very happy girl. I'll have to call in reinforcements to help do picture hanging and all but hopefully someone will be around this weekend. 

Beyond dead tired, have meetings all day tomorrow and need to sneak time to call movers... my dining room table legs are apparently in Minneapolis and the box of artwork and books maybe in Iowa and who knows where my vaccum is.... hunting my belongings through the U.S.

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