Thursday, January 15, 2009

Actually starting to believe I might get my furniture...

Guess what? I actually started getting ready for the movers tomorrow... apparently I'm starting to believe they might come. Of course I had to call THEM after  4pm today to confirm that they would be here between 0900 and 1100 then 1 hour after I called them I got a gal calling me from the company asking if I would take a survey about how my moving experience was.... well I told the gal I would love to take the survey but they wouldn't give me my stuff yet so the move was not complete... she's calling back next week :-)

So I've been dancing around my place with my ipod on twirling around to Devotchka and my playlists actually starting to think about where things will go and what I'm taking this weekend to DC. I assembled my drying racks for clothes down in the utility room, unpacked the camping gear and moved it to the camping closet... I even unloaded 3 out of 4 of my suitcases hanging things in the closet and trying to come up with a short term strategy for the closets in 2 different rooms and where things go till I get my furniture.  Things are starting to get more normal there is fruit (from CA, seriously) on the counter, MetroMint water in the fridge, and I'm doing laundry.

Now they didn't get a permit to move my stuff in... how do I know this you ask? Because they didn't mark off any parking areas on my street. Too bad for them someone has been horribly parked in front of my place for around 3 days taking up the 2 spots in front of my place so I guess they will have to carry things farther. Meh- their problem since it's 5.. count 'em 5! days late. Ah, if I wasn't laughing so hard I'm sure I'd be more ticked off- but at this point it's just comical.  Now if they don't show up tomorrow morning I am not going to be as chill about the whole thing.  All I need to do in the morning is put my wonderful pink camping chair and sleeping bag down in the camping closet and deflate the air mattress and then I get couches!!!! Ok they really are just things but I've been staring at this lovely empty space for over 10 days and have been imaging x will go here and y will go there and I am so eager to just live in Denver and really kick off this experiment.  While I've been getting to know Denver coffee shops and restaurants and have been meeting nice people it will be fun to be able to invite people over to my place to hang out once I unpack.  So... it's late and I need to go put things in the drier and on drying racks.  Take care you all and send good thoughts that tomorrow will go at least partially according to "plan"

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