Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The year is almost over...

My stuff left yesterday- never realized there was such drama with watching 90% of my worldly posessions drive away and out of my control. Wow... So all in all the move went relatively well and now for next time I'll be better prepared. But with a little advice and lots of reassurance from the big sis (military moves apparently train you well) I at least knew to bag the cords and label, pick up the screws and put them into zip locks and even asserted myself a couple of times when they were going to do things that didn't make sense. A few little hiccups and more than one panic moment as I realized they were about to load a box that was not taped or that they were going to move my stuff between vehicles more than once. But it's at the say a prayer and try and let go stage (took me about 24 hours before making to that). After watching them handle my stuff all I can say is I am VERY glad my bikes are traveling with my on my car.

Work is wrapping up today and I'll miss my friends at work but I'm excited to head home today and pack up my stuff in the car. Got reservations for cedar city, utah tomorrow night in a cute (arts&crafts) b&b. Mom's been awesome putting up with my drama and rolling with it so I am looking forward to enjoying the fun part of this adventure with her instead of the stressful try and pack and move things for the carpet cleaner and try and finish up the old job and did I remember to eat OMG how will this all get done and my cell phone DIED for the 200th time moments that have been popping up this week.

First things first, the computer is clean and everything is ready to be handed over for work. I updated my soon to be former job description. I'm going to go grab a cell battery right now and then it's onto the wrapup/exit interview. Goodness!

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