Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why Denver? Why are you moving? and many variations of that...

So why am I moving to Denver is the most common question I get asked... don't I like San Diego and it's amazing weather? don't I already have a job in this crappy economy? don't I already have a great rent controlled place to live 1.5 miles from the beach? didn't I grow up in San Diego? Is it for a specific job? Is it for a person? Is it to get away from something? Why?

The short answer- San Diego is great and there is no specific attribute of this town I can point to- the weather is unbelievable, the people are nice, the beaches are great, my job pays well, and I am close to the coolest Mommy ever- mine. I moved here and got in shape, found a more adventurous side to myself, made a home, and learned what frequent flying really means. I've become closer than ever to my mom and sharing time with her is the #1 thing I will miss about San Diego. It's just time to move on and I want to do it based on quantifiable aspects of a city I would like.

The long answer- I'm in my early 30s and I want a career. Granted yes, I'd give that up for a family as most of you know... but since I don't have my own yet- well I'm focusing on what I have. I tried the great experiment known as the private sector and after 6 seasons and 7 years in the government then almost 3 in the private sector... I'm a public servant at heart. So after surfing federal jobs (looked at regional/local too) the place with the most opportunity in my field (geospatial) with my interests (DOI or DOA) is Denver. Bizarrely enough I also have the most professional contacts in Denver too.

As for a town I was looking for a good airport (after maaaannnnyyyyyy hours at DIA aka DEN it's among my top in the US), outdoor activities, and old school neighborhoods. Denver has a viable art scene, some museums/theater, lots of parks, and people who seem to be outside a good deal- oh yeah and a couple of decent shopping malls since I am still a girl.

For all of you who say the description of the town could be Portland, Seattle, Boise, Sacramento, San Francisco and heck San Diego- you're right. I have spent a decent amount of time in all those cities except for Seattle. I have a pre-exisiting support structure in Denver. I have friends from when I was in BLM and friends I have met over time- and friends who can help you move a couch or invite you to dinner are worth more than I can describe here. I spent a good amount of time in Denver for a number of months and got to know the city enough that for a bit of time it was my second home.

So I'm not running away from anything and I'm not running towards one particular thing. It's a combination of career, atmosphere, recreation, people, and architecture. There has been a lot going on in the past few years and I took sometime to discern where my life is going and after listening the angels' wings are herding me in this direction.

So I have a decent job to go to, movers scheduled, a six month lease, a car with all wheel drive, and most of my things packed. I am excited, terrified, and at peace all at the same time. I've never lived outside of CA so this will be different but I believe this will be a good move... and really that's why :-)


  1. NIce to hear from you Victoria - good luck with the move!

    -Go Ags, Micek.

  2. Right on. Have a safe drive with your mom. And Merry Christmas!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR, too! =0)

  3. Brian Micek you dog! You beat me to the first post (Go Casan).

    Way to go Victoria. Denver is fantastic and certainly on the list of places I would certainly accept you leaving CA for :)

    Good luck and keep me posted.
    Go Ags

  4. Victoria,

    I am so excited for you! I totally think this is a great move for you (no pun intended.) I can't wait to visit. Thanks for picking a great lay-over destination. ;) Love always, big sis

    And I echo the "Go Ags"

  5. Don't feel bad Clarke. Brian beat you, but you beat me by 3 days! Dang family vacation to the mountains! :-)