Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What if the movers showed up and I was stuck in an airport?

So this morning a very well intentioned co-worker was telling me about another co-worker who happened to be stuck in Seattle going on 36 hours. She was asking about my moving schedule and when I mentioned I was flying home on the 29th and movers were coming on the 30th she asked... if you weren't there is everything sorted so someone else could do the move for you?

Wow... in my contingency planning I hadn't really given that a thorough thought. Monentary panic and then planning commenced. Um, yup there was one more thing to worry about. So this evening I was trying to find a few things for an interview I have Christmas Eve (trust me long story- too long for tonight), packing for the trip to DC and simultaneously trying to sort things so that if I was delayed 24 hours or more everything would still work out OK. So now the essential clothes are piled in the closet and the keep with me things, like photo albums, are all isolated in one area of the garage as far away from all the other boxes as they can get. I'm sure I could make my life more complicated but it would have to take some imagination :-)

So now I have remote sensing and emergency managment text books to read on my flight as well as geospatial standards documents. I'm charging my ipod so I can block out the screaming children till I get to Alex's and then I'll meet my cute nephews and listen to them make noise. 

Everything is going according to plan... which means be prepared for the unexpected soon!

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  1. Hehe. I'll be in the Denver airport for about 9 hours tomorrow waiting for Kristin. We'll pass through there again on the 31st on the way home.