Sunday, December 28, 2008

Deep breath and here I go...

Nate left for SF this morning and after a lovely day of sightseeing in DC- well the modified version of a day as dictated by the darling little ones- we checked out the National Cathedral (stunning stained glass and mosaics as well as impressive architecture) hit some errands and headed home again. Mom and I catch our flight in the morning and I am starting to face the reality of what is waiting. I'm sure the move will be fine and all but I'm nervous none the less. Once it gets rolling I'm guessing I'll be so busy I won't have time to worry. 

We've got the basic itinerary worked out for heading out towards the eastern part of the West. I think I've decided  on a route through Mojave National Preserve (maybe even check out the rockin interagency Hole-in-the-Wall fire station) and into Cedar City, UT for the first night.  The second day I'm aiming to check out Arches National Park (near Moab, UT) during the mid-day for a short break and then head onto my cousin's place near Vail. Then onto Denver we go. 

I'll keep you updated :-)


  1. Hey Victoria,
    Congratulations!! How exciting...I am sure you are gonna do great in Denver. I really like that city and you will have all those 14'rs to climb!
    Your drive from San Diego sounds like a great plan...I am itching to hit the road...but it looks like my soonest trip outside of Rochester wil be in May.
    Hugs to you cousin,
    PS I hope you visit you next time I go see Mark and Erin, and we can hike a bit!

  2. Sorry sweetheart, but if you're gonna hit Moab, you'll want something bigger than a Subaru.... :-p