Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moving update...

So I'm pretty well settled in now. I just now got my dining room table legs from Bekins (yup the seriously sucky I'd NEVER reccomend them moving company). Only 4+ weeks later and they finally got around to fedexing the dining room legs. I mean seriously people you had them at the warehouse just sitting there? 

Unfortunately it appears that amongst the 12 other things they really did loose was a box of personal papers, things from my dad, and origional artwork by me and my friends. They lost it before things even got loaded up on the truck to be moved to Denver... so in December. I'm shocked, appalled, and finally coming to terms with it being permanently gone b/c the company really isn't helping me out here. 

But what do you do, eh? At this point it's say a prayer to St. Jude.

But regardless life is going really well. Work is chaos getting ready for a conference next week in Portland and then I'm going to stop by San Diego on the way back to Denver to enjoy a little sun, sand and walking with mom. The next couple of nights are going to be checking out the Banff film festival one night with a chick friend the next night with the guy. Saturday I'm planning to check out a new restaraunt with resteraunt week. There is so much to do here I don't want to leave the town.

Well I'm supposed to be finishing up a chapter for work tomorrow so I really should go... things are happy... 

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