Saturday, February 21, 2009

The moments where life happens...

It was wonderful... I know this sounds silly but you know when you are observing something and you take that little moment to step back and pause and look around and think- this, this is what I've been looking for... Last night I was in the kitchen putting something on a plate when I looked out through the house and I saw a house full of people- I mean over 10 people in my house drinking, eating and talking. Towards the end of the night we all were sitting around in chairs, on couches, and I even occasionally found a spot on the floor just  talking. 

People liked the food, there was more than enough to drink- folks were gracious enough to bring lots of things so no one went hungry. A couple of folks showed up early to help (thank goodness b/c I was being a bit of a spaz trying to get the casserole in my world's slowest oven) and once folks started showing up everything was in full swing. Earlier in the day I had gone to Pier 1 and Target and aquired some basics... like glasses. The minor things I didn't have many of. I also found this neat candle holder thingy that fits in the fire place (a lot easier than shoveling ashes and a nice soft light) and it was exactly what I had pictured. 

So to my friends that came- it was the  most perfect house-warming party that I could have imagined... thank you. To my friends that helped set up- you kept me sane. And to the serious angels that had every dish washed, all the food put away and table tops cleared before I could even start to lift a finger... well I'm beyond lucky for meeting such good friends.

It's a crash weekend with errands around the house, leftovers to eat, and possibly checking out some live music tonight. Well off to laundry I go...

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  1. Ah, those moments of peace,
    may they ever increase.
    The times when it feels good just being.

    As your circle expands,
    with friends near at hand,
    is it roots taking hold that you're seeing?