Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A slight pang...

So a former co-worker of mine came through town on his way to a sales demo... we grabbed dinner with a little talk of my new job, a little talk of the old office, and a bit of talk about fun cities.  There is a little pang of missing the sales and PM gang... wanting to feel the rush of dealing with software I know so well instead of starting back at square one learning new software.  Now granted... I don't miss the everyday work or the old boss at all...  I also realized that I'm finding a home here in Denver- I'm finding things to do, meeting people, enjoying the weather and I'm finally not toally freaking out when it snows. 

I miss my mom, the farmer's market, and the sight of the ocean. But each day as I drive to work I love seeing the mountains and the people here are wonderful. So it's getting closer to home and I now have my "home home" (as we used to call it in college) to visit again. I'm going to hopefully take a trip out to San Diego in the next month.  Just the thought puts a  smile on my face... both that I am enjoying Denver so much and that I will get to see mom and home home soon. 

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  1. Living in the mountains.... I'm a little jealous.