Monday, February 2, 2009

I think I relate to the squirrel... but which one?

So it was a lovely Sunday morning and I was driving to mass... I was amazed at the great weather (if I wasn't meeting a friend for brunch I would have walked) and admiring the day- blue sky crisp day with a bit of warmth. Then a couple of squirrels darted into the road-  one booked it to safety. I braked as the other one ran right in front of the car but instead of keeping the crazy run in front of my car going the little guy stopped right in front of my tire. I really like animals but I refuse to endanger humans for the little varmin with fluffy tails. So I am sorry to say that since I couldn't swerve to the on-coming traffic and I wasn't going to stop totally b/c of a car behind me- wellI said a prayer for the poor little departed guy at mass.

So today I went to work and learned that the team I work with is now being supervised by another person. It's not necessarily a bad thing or a good thing- just a very unexpected change. After spending an hour on the phone with the moving company trying to chase things down I wasn't ready for another shock to the system. It's not every Monday staff meeting that the immediate organizational structure changes in a extreme and nebulous way. Well... it's one of those roll with it moments. But seriously- can we stop the constant changes in life for a week? Possibly?

Who knows where the path will go... regardless it is a ride worth taking and the trick is to just keep running forward and resist the urge to stop scared. 

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