Thursday, February 5, 2009

Moments... it's in the moments

So today was a day of doing lots of little things that have been building up- the little things that when added up seem insurmountable... so I suspended the daily responsibilites in order to take care of all those little things that have been tabled for e-mails and phone calls and meeting upon meeting.  So I went to Ace (nope.. the hangers won't work... that darn stained glass window is being a bugger) and the DMV and got my license and just took some moments to mellow.

It's been a strange week with tension due to the changes in the project and it's just been getting to me.  I needed some moments of normalacy :-)  Though there was one moment today that was anything but normal... As I walked into the office to  turn in some paperwork for my registration four guys were exiting and were gracious enough to hold the door open. I smiled at them and said thanks as I walked in. Then one of  the guys came back through the door and asked for my number. Now he was cute but didn't seem my type. So I declined and he persisted and I just kinda looked at him and it struck me he had a bit of a young face and had to ask... how old are you? 

He looked at me and said- 23. I said in that case I am sorry there is no way I will give you my number. He asked my age (definately older than him) and I told him and though he was startled he said it doesn't matter.  Actually the words were more like "that don't matter I'm a grown a$$ man"- ah be still my beating heart right girls? He persisted for a bit more jsutifying that over 21 is all that matters but there's no way  I was giving him my number :-) 

So all in all an entertaining day and a nice looking guy younger than my little brother tried to pick me up... too funny. Well I should be off to crash- you take care.

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