Sunday, March 29, 2009

Winter had a comeback....

Did you know they really do have these things called snow days? I had only read about them... Guess what I was doing on my very first snow day? Ski lessons! I took my very first ski lesson (after going skiing around 10-15 times in my life). Let me tell you... ski instructors are so much more informative than guys you're dating who ski black diamonds that take you sking with them to the top of the hill to start out ;-)

So we went from 75 degrees to so much blowing snow they sent everyone home from work... all in 4 days! 

The ski lessons were facinating... never realized what I was doing on the slopes or better yet- why. The only bad thing about the day was getting body checked by some guy. I was coming up to a turn a bit away from the trees when I felt a slam into my back and a sudden acceleration.  I looked down and saw skis on either side of me, felt somone pressed up against me and looked up to notice the tree truck we were speeding towards... so I looked towards my right saw snow and dove into it. Turns out this good skiier came out of the trees, was skiing backwards (on a green slope  mind you) and when he turned around I was there. Other than being really startled and a bit of a sore back I ended up just fine. Plus at the end of the day I acutally knew a bit more about the slopes...

Well this week will be crazy and then it's off to DC... teaching and playing with my nephews!

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