Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring is here....

Spring in Denver is different than I'm used to. First-off there are little bulb flowers such as tulips and crocuses around before the trees are even budding out. I've never  seen so many bulb flowers just randomly planted around. The trees are finally starting to leaf out though. I guess in San Diego there is more dedication to plants with year-round bloom so the annuals are not as prevelant.

Yesterday I went snowshoeing with they guy and I was snowshoeing in my normal hiking outfit. It was craziness as I even had to reduce some layers (have you ever tried to pull off 2 layers of pants over your boots behind a rock and get re-dressed in less than 2 minutes... while tryinng NOT to sit in the snow?). By the end I was hiking in a shirt and light hiking pants which were luckily water repellant seeing as I ended up sliding down the hill a bit on my bum due to the occasionally slushy snow. No fleece for me yesterday- of course the guy was in shorts but he's crazy like that. We were exploring an amaing trail in Rocky Mountain National Park and I am becoming more and more of a fan of the place everytime I go. We ended up taking the long route driving back down 7 and 72 which was such an amazing drive... even found a darling Catholic Chapel seemingly in the middle of a river area at some random retreat center. The stained glass was stunning and the location was head turning.

Today has been wandering around in shorts and sandals (though rumor has it the snow will come later this week). I actually met a couple neighbors as I sat on my porch stoop eating some fruit and reading the NY Times. Ah Sundays are magnificent... I've done most everything on my to-do list except for the 2 things I really need to do but are not as fun as e-mails and updating my blog...

Last week was crazy with teaching and stress and rewriting what at times seemed like the universe. This week should be calmer and hopefully I'll be a bit more plugged in. By the way after hanging out with my high school sweetheart's best friend for a night last week as he passed through town...  I fully endorse facebook as a way of finding people you would otherwise never find :-)


  1. Hehe. I bet he didn't pour water on your foot and try to steal you back though, did he? Facebook has been awesome for reconnecting with people.

  2. Dang... memories just came flooding back ;-) Was it Sweetwater or another invitational?
    Happy times!