Tuesday, March 10, 2009

San Diego dreaming...

Okay so that was a long pause on the Portland thing- I met washington office folks, and management folks, and drank a lot of microbrews. Rouge River Brewery won as the favorite  of the week. Oh and the young planners wine party was quite the entertainment on the 22nd floor of the hotel... lots of wine a little bit of candy (gummy bears go amazingly well with a good red wine from the Willamette Valley). 

Oh and my presentation went quite well- a few bigger wigs were there and I stayed up way late fixing  up my demo and dialed into the office. I think the perfect presentation mix for me is about 3-4 hours of sleep, a large mocha, and some serious pressure... it makes me all relaxed, happy, chatty, and when it's GISy stuff- well I just had a blast.  A few people even said they enjoyed my presentation so that was really nice. 

After the Portland trip I headed down to San Diego to visit Mom. Ah sun and gorgeous weather make for a lovely weekend. We gardened- I was thining bushes and mom was taking care of the roses. I also pruned the lemons- I mean really when taking off one branch that is sky high means taking off 15 lemons in one fell swoop... yeah it needed thinning. But I went to the old haunts having real TJ style mexican food and fish sandwiches. I do love the San Diego cuisine. 

Oh and I did stop by the movers- nothing like showing them the three (mind you conflicting) manifests. They were impressed with my knowledge of tracking packages and how things work and my persistance. Did I mention the 4 page documented telephone logs that I've been keeping? I even got a tour of the lost and found section of the warehouse. Unfortunately no matter how many prayers I said I didn't find my box. The manager sent out an e-mail to some higher ups to see if they could help me but I'm truly loosing hope. Something wierd happened- paperwork doesn't match up and someone has a box that no one else cares about but me.  So say a prayer or send out some good vibes to the universe...


  1. Good luck on the box(es). I know what it's like to lose family pictures, mementos, etc. I'm sure the movers weren't prepared for someone like you! Then again, apparently they weren't prepared to keep track of all of your stuff, either. And your mom's plants...... remember they're not acacias. -No chainsaws!!

  2. So, do you read the comments people write? Or is this a one sided conversation. You were in SD and you didn't call! I know, good tacos take priority when I frequent the Mother Country.

    Good to hear things haven't changed with your work style. I wish I could say that things have changed for our GIS program...I am currently working on a letter to the Society of Conservation GIS Folks...Everything is going really well out here, except for our ability to document the work we do!

    How cool it is that you have a job you get to travel again. I am lucky to get to Two Harbors once or twice a month...

    When things slow down for you give me a call sometime, and let GIS Field type people know that I am highering for a Invasive Plant Tech, and would prefer if they knew how to talk your lingo...warn them that I can't really pay enough to really get anyone to come out that has GIS experience...hard work and low pay doesn't always make for the best draw...out..your friend Shane