Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Snow... hope for snow...

It's been a long week and it's Tuesday. Work is chaos and I'm trying to hold onto hope while feeling very frustrated at all there is to do and the lack of time to do the multiple things in. While I know the group goals and priorities it just seems like that is how we got into this mess... head down and ignore the giant pretty purple snuffleupagus in the room. If I only do what is required (like I admit I should) it would not be the best thing for the community I spent years working with and want to get back into. But if I address the issues and work on the solutions it is good but not always something that I have authority to truly delve into like it should be done.

So I feel like I'm back at the airplane hanger in college pulling out the baling wire and grabbing the duct tape in the shop the night before the Picnic Day parade (UC Davis- Go Ags!). It's the old well if I have 8 hours of work and 6 hours to do it in... yup I can figure out a way to get it done. I guess if the people at the top were cheering the whole time it would be easier... instead it's the occasional- well aren't you psychic? No? Really? Well you should be. I need a cheerleader... oh heck I need to just go to the mountains and enjoy more snow and that will cheer me up. Winter storm advisories right now and it was 75+ last Sunday. Colorado is keeps me on my toes.

Don't get me wrong- it's not all bad- I'm getting to play with some seriously cool technology and making maps occasionally (even if it's just for demos) and next month I'll be going to Washington DC (c/o work) and playing with the most adorable babies ever- my nephews!

It's the little things in life that make everything worth it... and the little guys are definately among those kind of things.

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  1. If you see snuffy again, kick him in the leg and tell him I want my $2. That drowsy mini-mammoth owes me...

    *picks up pom-poms*
    "Rah-rah ree! Kick him in the knee!
    Rah-rah ralls! Kick him ....'till he falls!"