Wednesday, April 8, 2009

There reaches a moment...

There reaches a moment when you know you are at the spot just now in the universe that you are meant to be in... there reaches a time when you are comfortable in your own skin... and I have reached the moment when I can feel that my life is how it should be for a moment. 

As I've been walking down the street tonight in Washington DC from meeting up with a girlfriend of mine- on our way to dinner we stopped at an incident. We believe the response was a highrise suspected smoke but as we stood there watching the response- checking the apparatus- watching the response and discussing the likely call type based on the response and the difference between urban and wildland fire fighting. You know- normal chick talk. But the lights were calming in that hey it's situation normal- emergency responders are responding way.

After dinner as I was walking back to my hotel I felt at home... at home with walking through DC in a black suit with stockings and heels on. Seriously I never thought the day would come that I would walk down the street in DC in a black suit. But it fit and it's right for right now. And though I am definitely enjoying my time in DC I am looking forward to heading home to Denver. I am looking forward to the next adventure wherever it may be. 

I remember once upon a time being a nervous traveler- I mean always having to know where I was staying and what my schedule was and have a plan of action. Now I wander through life exploring as I head along and wanting to just live the moment. Yesterday I wanted to destress a little (just b/c I am where I am supposed to be doesn't mean that my job is any less stressful or easy) so I ended up walking 6 miles or so. I'd wanted to walk to the Jefferson Memorial the last couple of times I came to DC and just hadn't... so I just decided to and did. I don't think back in my late teens I saw the exploring in the same way I do now and I don't think I had the same level of confidence in myself. It is a blessing to be able to explore the city, see a friend for dinner, visit my sister and her family for the weekend, and teach during the week. 

So I'm rambling here but I needed to type tonight... I needed to try and quantify this peace that I found for a moment this evening as I realized- I may no know where this path is taking me next or how the bend is curving- I know I have a support structure behind me- I may not know what I am supposed to be doing in life- I know where I am is not where I will end up- I know I am supposed to be here at the moment though I do not know the lessons I am supposed to be learning from this moment in time. But I have faith that if I can quiet the noise and get in tune with the forces out there I will be able to clearly keep heading in this correct direction. 

Time to crash now for it's late... night.

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  1. What a fabulous post Victoria. I love how you write about this experience. The openness and groundedness that is so beautifully partnered with you sharing your vulnerability. It is SO what being comfortable in your own skin is about.

    I also love how you point out that just b/c you are where you're supposed to be doesn't mean everything is just some perfect, smooth plan. Life still includes stress, challenge, uncertainty, etc. but you meet them in a different way.

    Thanks so much for the beautiful story...

    _Paula Gregorowicz
    Comfortable in Your Own Skin Coaching