Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Persuing dreams...

I'm not sure how well you know your parents... but do you know your parent(s) as individuals or a parental unit? I discovered after my Dad passed away (about 4.5 years ago) that I knew my parents for so many years as a couple, as a unit, and not necesarily as the individuals they were at that time. I think it's one of those things that when you find a bucket list that one of your parents wrote it opens your eyes to them as those individuals in college, before they met, when they were young professionals... you know as people not entities in our lives.

So one thing my mom has talked about is going to Alaska... I am going to Alaska to teach for work and once I realized a frequent flier trip with the airlines is the same to go to DC as it is to go to Alaska I thought.... why not use some of those oodles and oodles of miles to go for fun?

Today I bought 2 tickets to Alaska. I've always wanted to go. Mom has wanted to go for years. So I'm taking my mom for her birthday. This is the year to stop wondering and simply start living... There are many things on my list of things to do but when two people have the same thing on thier list such as explore a massive state- well I encourage you to persue that dream. My younger brother might even join us if we are lucky. So he's to new adventures...

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