Friday, April 17, 2009

It's raining snow...

So it's a snow afternoon- forget the conference calls, the meetings, and the schedules because it's snowing :-) So I visited friends at the next building over (they apparently hadn't been told they could go home yet) and had lunch with a friend. Really I'm supposed to be more productive right now but I'm just plugging into the world from a snowy respite in the coffee shop. 

I have learned to LOVE my snow boots as my feet are warm and I had a lovely walk to the coffee shop- even in the ankle deep slushy snow. Now I'm sure my jeans are very mad at me and will have to be washed now... but my feet are dry. The inches are starting to pile up outside and I sit here cozy in the center of a city. Spring keeps trying to stay and the 60 or 70 degree days are interspaced with these snows. The tulips and irises and coated in snow as they try and persevere through the intermittent weather. 

There have been moments in time where I mused to journals, significant others, friends, or family... now I type out loud to this site exposing my thoughts to random individuals that I may or may not know as I journey through this always unexpected life. For as I plan things change continuously.  So as spring keeps trying to peek through and I keep trying to see where this journey of life will take me... who knows what the end result will be but I'm curious to find out :-)

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