Monday, December 28, 2009

Violations of personal space...

What is it about today (Sunday) that has gotten perfect strangers to feel that touching my head is a totally acceptable practice? OK to be fair I at least know the second time this happened it was someone mistaking me for someone else...

So I was sitting in the airport at Reagen (DC area) watching the Broncos play (I do cheer for them as a team as long as they are not directly playing the Chargers). And someone pats me on the top of the head. As I moved myself up in the seat (oops- caught slouching) I started to turn myself around for some bizarre reason expecting to hear a parent telling me to sit up. I heard a female voice apologizing so I said- no worries and didn't even bother completing the turn around- meh. Life goes on.

So a few hours later and I am in the plane sitting next to the sweet family I was on the same plane with flying to DC. That's besides the point but an interesting coincidence.

So as I'm reading my magazine, listening to XM on United, and generally zoning out someone reaches over and does that scalp rub/scratch/play with hair move known throughout the couples circles as a way to get your honey to pay attention and not startle them. So I turn my head around and up I'm sure with a total quizzical look since there are only a select few people I'd ever expect to inititate that type of touch with me and as far as I can recall none are on the plane.

The poor man who thought he was touching his wife's hair was startled and seriously apologetic. I said no problems and no worries. Turns out we both have dark brown hair and she's sitting directly in front of me. But it was a move that affected me- I wanted it to be my honey when I turned around. I wanted it to be someone who knew me. I wanted that touch to be something besides the mistake I knew it was.

I am someone who spends 90%+ of my time in hotels by myself. I have become totally comfortable driving 4-6 hours in country never before seen in daylight by myself and only having a destination and a rough idea of the path. I know on days I want to have conversation I eat at the bar and on days I want quiet I sit at a table... either way I bring reading to dinner every night I travel. I stop to take pictures and note things to pass along to coworkers, family, friends, and post in blogs. I use the "Frontier" gate to terminal A just to look at the art and walk a bit farther in the Denver airport. I know where to get the Jamba juice, Starbucks (only 1 in DIA), best bagel, and microbrew beers in DIA (which is the Denver International Airport).

I have not traveled with anyone besides family (Mom and brother) in a flying situation for over 5 years. In the past 5 years I have flown to more places than my previous lifetime accumulated.

So it startles this lone wolf traveler that I do want it to be someone I know when I turn around. I am surprised that I do get lonely when I travel. I try and make this adventurous life full of moments to enjoy and learn something about every destination. I have my good night call and live an amazingly blessed life- and even then I guess sometimes I want another half- a person to sit besides me on a flight.

So with all that duly noted and observed I think I'm going to try and get the little guy across the aisle to smile at me again. He's a very well behaved 18 month old with a great smile :-)

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