Monday, November 30, 2009

Boise... a start

Wandering through the streets to find dinner... okay not really wandering since it was a very directed walk to a yummy dinner and a very needed pint. I indulged in Tablerock's Winter Cheer (reminded me of an old fave... Pyramid Brewery's Snow Cap). It was an enjoyable time with Monday Night football playing and finishing up the Sunday NY Times.

I find that I am more willing to walk down city streets than pass by natural geographic features. I got my reservation in my typical Marriott chain hotel and I realized while I was reluctant to cross over a river at night or wander down a greenbelt surrounded by tress... well I am perfectly at home walking down a busy street with cars whizzing by. The urbanite in me appreciates these places where I can stay in a comfy place and still access the amenities by an easy stroll.

Tomorrow is a bit of adventuring as I have received a few random recommendations from a a friend of a friend and I look forward to new places to love in this nice town. Stay tuned...

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