Thursday, October 29, 2009

Preparing for the road again...

This morning I discovered a wonderful Large cup of coffee for the grand total of $1... wow. Other than the Einstein's "refills" I can't remember the last time I've paid that little for a large coffee.

I wandered the town a bit before a nice dinner on Main St. The walk was nice and I made it to the top of a hill where I could see for miles. I did notice a number of more Victorian style houses instead of the smaller post-war or bungalow types. It is interesting how the spatial distribution of development might have a bit of a pattern... I would be interested to see what would happen if you took 30 cities... 10 each of 3 varying sizes and see if there is a pattern for development based on age of the buildings.

Well this will be a short post for I need to plan my drive for tomorrow... from Alturas to Reno to Denver... I am looking forward to my burger fix at In-N-Out and being home :-)

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