Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Change...

So It's another change in life and yet again if this blog continues it will morph with me... I am changing from the traveling life I have known for around 8 years to working in the same office most days and traveling within the state that just happens to be a relatively new state to me- Colorado.

I have taken on another new job, made a new life, and in reality I'm going to be much more tied to the Rockies than the Sierras. But in the midst of all this change I have had the opportunity to question (yet again)... who am I? what motivates me? and when it comes down to it... what is most important to me?

In the midst of moving through the last year plus where I spent about half my time in Colorado and half the time wandering around the country... well I have been adamant that I try harder to make friends, create contacts, and truly TRY to make a home. And I think that I really have managed to make this place a home. I have friends to call upon to go hiking, I have started to learn cooking- without a recipe, and I have someone to love me at the end of the day.

I planted an urban garden (with help). I actually planted a garden that requires daily watering to survive. Just the thought of that still blows my mind. Want to know something crazier? The seeds have sprouted. I have a garden with beets, chard, broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots and lettuce that are all popping up through the soil in mostly organized rows.

So my life has changed to something more settled and a job that I am hoping is core to who I am. I am eager for this next phase and as I move forward I will see if I revitalize this blog as I settle into sharing my experiences in a more consistent manner. Regardless this is yet another adventure that I am eager to start and fascinated in where I will end up.

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