Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back and processing...

I'm back in Denver after a long trip through Snowbird Utah --> Soldonta AK --> Homer AK --> Seward AK --> Anchorage AK --> Fairbanks AK and now back again.

Some of the highlights- the Norman Lowell gallery north of Homer, the Bear Valley winery in Homer (raspberry wine that tastes like alcohol soaked raspberries... so yummy), Moose's Tooth pizza in Anchorage, Chena Hot Springs... hot springs- need I say more, generous collegues who invited us to dinner at their house and cooked the most amazing salmon I have ever tasted, seeing Mt McKinnley, and just the overwhelming beauty of the state of Alaska.

The couple of weeks on the road were packed full of a million little adventures. Wildlife sightings included bald eagles, moose, a bear, caribou, and so many birds. The mountain ranges were awe inspiring, the random lakes frozen over and then the rivers with ice blocks on the edge were facinating. 

All in all there were so many people to meet and things to think that I could go on for hours. But my constant running about wore me out so I've been sick and silent for a few days as I've been all worn out. Till later....

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